A great discovery

I was scanning Nexflix the other day hoping to find some exciting movies to watch. What I found was beyond "amazing".

Since I started watching Netflix last summer, I've been spending most of my free time watching their movies and dramas because I find them very interesting. I've watched Stranger Things, OITNB, 13 Reasons Why, Jane The Virgin, etc, and among them, I saw a trailer of a show called "Queer Eye". I'd seen their ads several times but I kept skipping it without having much expectations until recently.

After I came back from France a few weeks ago, I was going through a tough time and really needed something uplifting to watch. So I opened the app and there it was again on the "Recommended for you" category, and this time I clicked it. I wasn't sure what to expect at first but I gotta say I am truly inspired! The way those gentlemen step into people's lives and build them up not just their appearances but go much deeper into their hearts by encouraging them as a human being is beautiful. I think what they're doing is what we all should do to each other. Not occasionally. They have widely opened my mind and I have great respect in them.

I wish we had this show back in my high school years when I was having a self-esteem issue. (That'd made it much easier for me!) I think most of us have some kind of insecurity at some point but if we just learn to own it and use them as fuel to become unique, it'll make us happy about ourselves and outshine everyone who despises us. So If you're not confident about yourself now, I strongly suggest you watch this show. :)