Happy sheep on the loose


Every once in a while I go to a farm to clear my head and for refreshment.

And every time there's this particular sheep.

One Saturday morning, I woke up with a feeling that I should get out of the town to get some fresh air. And by the clock hit ten I was already at a farm at the foot of Mt. Fuji. The place is more of a tourist-friendly kind of farm so you can just buy a ticket and go right in to enjoy horse riding or to feed cattle without worrying about disturbing the farmers there. Usually, I go there to see horses and sheep, even feed them if there aren't many people. It was a little crowded that day so I just leaned on the fence around the field where all the sheep are put out to pasture and watched them as they run free.

When I was enjoying watching them, I noticed one of the sheep was acting strange at the end of the field scratching the gate. As I walked toward to get a closer look of what he was doing, he pushed the gate open with his forefeet and got himself out of the field! And this wasn't the first time I'd seen it happen. It's so weird because every time I go to this farm I would see one of them escape from the field, away from the pack. And even though they did what they wanted to they would come back to the gate and go, 'Baaa-!' continuously as if they're crying for help to get inside again. That sheep did the same. And eventually, he flung the gate again and let himself inside the field as other sheep did.

I'm not sure why but it seems like they do this to get attention because they don't do anything outside. They'd go out and stare at the closed gate crying as if they made a big mistake. And this happens every time! It's a mystery...