A month-long exhibition starts tomorrow at Yugawara Art Museum in Kanagawa Pref. and this will be my first personal exhibition. Artworks are focused on wild plants growing on sidewalks we usually just pass by and all of them are painted with watercolor.

I started to do botanical-themed paintings two years ago when I was working at a farmer's market. We were selling locally grown organic vegetables on the first floor and had a restaurant on the second floor where we offered French cuisine.

It was basically a farm-to-table kind of shop.

One day, the chef asked me to paint something so that he could hang on the wall of the restaurant because it was too plain. So I did. I painted eight paintings of vegetables and plants which I thought will go with the shop's atmosphere. Thankfully, some of them caught attention and led me to new opportunities later on. This exhibition; "Dare To Be Wild" is one of them and this is also dedicated to all the people I love from my farmer's market days.

Please come to the museum if you are around.

The exhibition ends on the 26th of May.